EMAS trophy design - including packaging

trophy design for the European EMAS Awards 2011, 2012 and 2014

  the whole project stands well for ko floriana’s approach to a given project:
  thought through, consistent with the topic, highest standards in material, quality and
The trophies and their packaging are not only highly organic, but also consider
  the right weight, dimensions for transportation in hand luggage and representation/
  recognition values.

  an EMAS award is the most prestigious award in environmental management and is only handed out to
  top performing companies and public authorities in six categories.

  handed out annually by the European Commission Brussels

  ko floriana won the tender for creating the new trophy design in 2011. We were honored with a follow-up
  contract for 2012. And another one for 2014!

  both sculpture designs combine different veneer kinds and a regional stone

  the whole trophy design reflects environmental approaches: it shows the stylized EMAS logo (mainly a
  leave and a wave), the materials had short transportation routes and the glue is based on natural
  ingredients. so are the felt pad to protect the furniture as well as the laid-in-colouring of the engraving

  even the customized packaging is not only made from recycling paper but is held together by a self-
  invented, ecologicel and even edible glue (package design © ko floriana featuring eigenform)

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