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_s’assembler is a multifuntional furniture piece based on cylinders which can be attached to each other and
  re-arranged as you see fit.

_s’assembler...get together, more than a seating accommodation

_it is a mobile, convertible meeting point; a retreat; a sun shade as well as a source of light; a playground;
  offers storage space......comme tu veux!

_s’assembler consists of two different sets of tubes that can be connected by velcro. one set is hollow with
  lids. the lids can be supplied with cushions as well as table tops. the other set is made of rubberfoam
  hidden within pillowcases. the colours and stripes help to identify immediately the two different velcro
  sides- to simplefy the handling. play!

_© 2009-2014 by floriana m. ohldag