Lighting Design

conca(...) lighting sculpture family


ash veneer    concrete or natural stone    light source LED or TFL    textil cables    red dot design award plug


conca(...terra)                          floor light

conca(...pendo)                        pendant light

conca(...muro)                         wall light

conca(…) captivates us.

the organic appearance reminds us of an archaic, recurring pattern of nature- all around the globe. may it be palm trees, cereal grains, horsetails or orchids... the warm light emerging from the inside creates a comforting atmosphere of a secure fire place- makes us feel at ease.

conca(...) also intrigues us during daytime. this fascination derives from finding the wilderness of the natural material wood being tamed by clean-cut structures. the gauzy ash veneer is manually twisted into funnel-like elements. the nesting of these asymmetric elements creates four different views- from lively to calm.

each conca(...) is a nature-given unicum.

conca(...)s can be purchased here. wholesale & retail pricing on request.

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the name “conca(...)” derives from the Italian word “la concatenazione” = the nesting, embracing.

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