_about ko floriana

ko floriana is all about being passionate, dedicated to design.

Attentiveness and sustainablity are very important to us.

ko floriana offers you unique objects in different fields of interest:



_objets du désir

_functional artful textiles


_fine arts


ko floriana is not only involved with applied arts but also with fine arts- hence the company’s subtitle ‘fine applied arts’.

Philosophy of ko floriana

_intriguing surface designSURFACE/Pages/pannelling.html
_handcrafted unique objectsSURFACE/Pages/motu_-_chainsaw_woodcut.html
_lighting designLIGHTING/LIGHTING.html
_multipurpose furnitureFINE_ARTS_vs._APPLIED_ARTS/Pages/sassembler.html

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_environmental approaches:

_member of the Alliance German Designers (AGD),
  signed the Charta of Sustainability

_using 100 % renewable energy from www.ews.de,
  a citizens’ initiative

_supporting prima klima weltweit e.V.,
  an environmental foundation supporting re-forrestoration

_business papers are 100% recycling paper and supporting
  the WWF®

_whenever possible we will use eco- as well as human-friendly
  materials and methods. It is a principle we have set for
  ourselves, to protect you, us and our planet.

_using the bicycle instead of a car, whenever possible

the KO in our label ko floriana derives from the MAORI term for “I AM”. floriana previously worked in new zealand and has been deeply touched by the culture of nz’s aboriginal people- the maoris. a more appropriate, more respectful name for these proud people is tangata whenua (“people of the earth”)- which is also the term they use when talking about themselves.

the additional connotation the KO brings to western minds, in the sense of k.o. (knock out) design, is a welcomed association.

we like to use Maori terms for our products because of their exotic sound as well as to point out to the beauty of this nearly lost language.

Floriana Ohldag at light + building 2012

video © 2012 Messe Frankfurt

Exhibition GmbH

inspired by the nature of new zealand-

creatively active in europe

_why Maori names and terms?